Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In an amazing new experimental blog post, Tim has decided to reverse the position of title and post just to see what will happen. Early reports on reactions to this groundbreaking new artistic technique (though possibly not that 'groundbreaking' or 'new') show readers around the world astounded, gobsmacked, terrified, or gobstoundified. When questioned by the press about where he sees his blog going next, Tim refused to comment, even though he was doing the whole write up on his blog anyway. Reverso blog posts, people: it's a thing. You could try and do the same thing on twitter but twitter doesn't have titles HAHAHA SUCKED IN okay goodbye now. (PS pity we don't have paragraphs in these blog titles. The technology should really keep up with the art). UPDATE: At least we can do updates. But we can't do footnotes. Or differently sized fonts. What, are we living in the 1st century?

Reverso blog post #1.


RebeccaH said...

Presently alarmed, but not panicked yet. Possibly a New Year's explanation?

TimT said...

I have no explanation. I suppose I could do an excuse....

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