Friday, March 01, 2019

The perils of poetry

Dad noticed one of those silly "This door is alarmed" signs the other day and suggests in his letter "This.... could be a subject for a comical/quizzical bit of poetry.... Why not see what you can make of this idea."

Sure thing Dad!

This door is alert. 
This door is alarmed. 
This door is anxious as fuck. 
This door is happy. 
This door is sad. 
This door has a full emotional range, man, this door is not just open and fucking shut. 

Now excuse me while I never send this poem to Dad at all.


Irobot said...

One of your best.

Been ages since I've swung by. I'll try to do so more often.

TimT said...

Thanks Irobot! You may recall that 'Text-to-voice app' story I wrote a while back; I've included it in my book of poetry released recently.

Irobot said...

Awesome. I left a comment about the book. I'll send you an email so I can tee up a copy. Microsoft Edge has a read aloud function now so I can listen to anything written in the net. Technology is a wonderful thing.

TimT said...

I really should do an audio version. Haven't spoken to my publisher for a while. Should send them a mail.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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