Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Democracy Is Beautiful

My vast readership (currently consisting of four or five friends in Newcastle, one or two bloggers living in America, and a drunken cat) have used the power of the Internet to participate in my poll. As you can see if you vote and click on the results, one reader thinks I'm enterprising and creative, another thinks that I am a whinging welfare wastrel*, a third thinks that I am a loafing lefty lunatic, and four - count them, four!** voters think that I am a chocolate cake. The people have spoken!
Due to the huge and unprecedented response to my previous poll - and also in an attempt to use my legions of fans to help get me work - here is another poll, on your right. The job it is referring to is the one for which I will be attending an interview tomorrow. Exercise your democratic freedoms, vote early, and vote often!

*Uh, that was me, actually.
**Well, one of those is me. I voted again.


Chas said...

I said yes, yes, yes etc, but I meant No. Stick to the blogging, it keeps me entertained while I "work".

Besides, you don't want the guilt of blogging while having a legitimate job. And don't think you can give up the blogging, either. How can you enjoy your job if you can't tell the world how much you aren't enjoying it? Huh? You can't! It's impossible. It would be like trying to eat a cake that you have. Can't be done.

Good luck, anyway. The trick to job interviews is to assume YOU are doing the interview. Ask the panel about themselves, including personal questions and throw a metaphysical philosophical conundrum in there as well. They will be too busy talking about themselves (and appreciative of the attention) to ask about you. They will fall in love with you as you are a great listener and hire you immediately. They may even let you run the company. Really.

Gemnastics said...

Good luck. And if you don't get this one, it's time to move to Sydney. You can visit home when the Writer's Festival happens in October.

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