Sunday, May 15, 2005

Reading While Walking

There are, of course, one class of people walking the footpath who are entirely noble and wonderful. They are those who read and walk at the same time. It is a task that is hard to accomplish, fun to try. A little like listening to two different people talking over one another in two different languages or solving quadratic equations in your sleep. You inevitably miss little things, like that kid running right up to you on the footpath, or the red lights telling you not to go across the street, or the truck hurtling towards you as you are deeply involved in the climax of another chapter.

Just remember:

- Glance up every paragraph or so to make sure you're not about to walk off a cliff or something.

- If you happen to trip over somebody, like a frame-walker, just remember to jump up and keep on walking before they trap you in their frame and maul you to death with stories about how rude young people are.

- Stop for red lights if you see them. If not, don't worry. Just relax until the bike, car, bus, truck, tram, train, or marching band has gone over you, read a few more pages, then get up and keep on where you were meant to go.

I myself have finished several books in this manner.

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Jellyfish said...

Hooray. I too am a read-walker. I used to read-walk to school every morning. I never got hit by anything, but I was often late because if the book was exciting I'd go 'round the block a few times before going inside.

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