Saturday, July 10, 2010

Announcing the discovery of a new poetic form

Today, while sitting at the Dan O'Connell listening to poems, I invented a new poetic form: the pooku. Its rules are as follows:

1) It loosely follows the three lines, five-syllables-seven syllables-five-syllables structure of traditional haiku.
2) It is about poo.
3) Because the subject matter is so juvenile and disgusting, only one pooku can ever be written.

With that in mind, I set to work and wrote the first, last, and only pooku ever to disgrace the face of the earth:

Bobbing in the wet,
Flush after flush after flush -
It won't go away!

After writing the only pooku, I showed it to the people around me. Unfortunately, not only were they not disgusted, but they proceeded to break rule 3) and wrote several more pooku, much better than the original, which just goes to show how neglectful people are of poetic traditions these days.

See also: new possibilities in verse.


Ann ODyne said...

what I need to know -
where are the 'several more'?
not flushed away I hope?

TimT said...

In my notebook - I've refrained from putting them here because I'd want to ask permission of the authors first.

Ann ODyne said...

are you laptopping your way through Midsomer Monkey Grip too?

TimT said...

I couldn't say for sure... I think I'm not getting the joke you're telling...

By 'notebook' I meant my pen and paper notebook.

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