Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cuteness2 - Contributing to the Downfall of Western Civilization, One Kitten at a Time

More disgustingly pleasurable pictures of kittens. Send all your complaints here.

The Bonsai Kitten: keep it in a jar by the window, and it will last for weeks.

When he grows up, he will move into a trash-can and feed on compost. It's a livin'.

She learnt how to do this by killing small native animals.

The Serial-killer of all mouses.

Cat-food abuse, an all-too-common syndrome in todays society.


Anonymous said...

Cat blogging is now in the DSM

Anonymous said...

What is it with boys who blog and cats?

Get a dog;now that's a real pet.


TimT said...

Must admit I'm more of a dog-person, but the zeitgeist nowadays seems to favour the cats.

Anonymous said...

aww the first cat is soo flippin cute... awww but bansai kitten idea is sooo flippin cruell >.<

Anonymous said...

yuck....dogs are stinky

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