Thursday, December 16, 2004

My Favourite Things

This one's for The Texas Gurl, who's just posted the original version on her blog...

My Favourite Things

Androids on acid and cyborg assassins,
Catamite Klingons and Maoist Cardacians,
Vampires from Venus with chromium wings –
These are a few of my favourite things….

Grey-suited goblins and gargoyles in golashes,
Demons in tutus made from women’s eyelashes –
Republican Cougars wearing Plutonium Rings –
They’re just a few of my favourite things...

Gigantic butterflies that suck out your brains
And seed it with spawn as you’re screaming with pain –
Then conquer the world for their insectoid kings –
These are a few of my favourite things…

Lying on couches and thinking of karma
Getting drunk on red cordial as I watch Futurama
And dream of the sex that tomorrow won’t bring –
Yes, they’re just a few of my favourite things...


daisythelamb said...

Really warms my heart, that. Just what I needed to gear me up for all sorts of Yuletide fun!

TimT said...

Is that a Christmas song? I had no idea...

Christmas in Australia rocks. It's hot, humid, all manner of weird insect life comes out, the reptiles come out of hibernation (snakes, goannas, blue tongue lizards*), plus we get the occasional bushfire. Just the right time to stuff yourself full of mince pies and Christmas pudding and roast (insert name of favourite poultry) dinner.

*Actually, snakes aren't as common in Australia as some people think. I've lived 27 years in this country and have probably seen a snake, live and in person, about - ooh - 15 times?

daisythelamb said...

Not particularly a Christmas song, it just makes me think of Christmasy things.

Re: Holidays in Southern Hemisphere. Sounds quite awesome. I really feel that the whole "white Christmas" is extremely overrated, as each year here we spend so much time wishing and hoping and crossing our frostbitten fingers for a blanket of the white stuff on The Morn Of, and we only get results about once or twice in a decade. All the other times we wake up only to find the requisite winter deadness and temperatures dropping to a wee 3 degrees F. Not sure what that is in centigrade but if we're talking in universally accepted terms of comparison, it is like 10-11 times colder than a witch's tit.

TimT said...

Oh, we get a white Christmas alright. Only, the white is from the ashes of some nearby forest reserve which has just burnt down in a bushfire, thus destroying the habitat of the Lesser-breasted Tit or the Rare-Stamen Sucker or some other endangered beasty.

daisythelamb said...

Do you know that the word "tit" has been used in 50% (well, now 60%) of comments on this post??

TimT said...

Now I do! Maybe we've invented an internet tradition - a minumum limit on the number of times the word 'Tit' should be used in internet postings.

BTW, it's 3.00am in the morning over here, what time is it over there?!???

daisythelamb said...

Psh, it's like 5pm right now but I think it was somewhere around 10am, give or take a half hour, when I posted that last one. Time zones and hemispheres are so freakin' crazy! Does Australia have just one time zone or is it split up?

p.s. - tit.

TimT said...

We have a couple of different time zones, though the Northern Territory is pretty much the land that time forgot, since most of it is desert.

Oh, and before I forget, tit. Perhaps if we keep on going this way we could make the Guinness Book of Records.

daisythelamb said...

Well Tim, I think that could tit be a plan.

The Land that Time Forgot... seriously, there's something so poetic about wastelands, except probably if you're stuck in one though. Not even kitten cuteness can save you then.

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