Wednesday, December 05, 2012


FORMER Labor leader Kevin Rudd says the party is 'sick' and urgently needs reform. 

 Mr Rudd, now a backbencher, was responding to a call from ALP stalwart John Faulkner calling for greater accountability and a lesser role for factions. 

''There's something sick which needs to be healed,'' Mr Rudd said during a radio interview today. 

Power should be taken away from the ''effectively unelected factional faceless men'' and given to rank-and-file members, Mr Rudd said.
- Kevin Rudd says the Labor Party is 'sick', The Daily Telegraph

 Fighting has broken out in the Labor Party today between the Faction Calling For An End to Factions and the Faction Calling for an end to the Faction Calling for an End to Factions.

Meanwhile, the Faction Not Sure on Whether There Should be an End to Factions has called for an end to factional infighting amongst the factions about whether to have factions.

However, it is gradually becoming less and less clear, with the fight between the Faction Calling for An End to Factions, the Faction Calling for an End to the Faction Calling for an End to Factions, the Faction Calling for an end to Fighting Between the Factions, the Fight over Factions Fighting, the Faction Calling for more Fighting Between the Factions, and the Fight over the Faction Calling less Fighting Between the Factions, just who will end up winning, or just what it's all about really.

In the end, one thing is clear: factions are good, and we all need more factions, and factions fighting between factions, and fighting between factions fighting with other factions, and factions fighting factions fighting factions fighting factions. Except for the Faction Calling for an End to Factions. They're just crazy.


iODyne said...

I think the friction of the factional fighting is fractionally fictional, as are the fifteen Futilitarianism post's spam comments.

TimT said...

While some may say the factions are fractious and distractious, I wouldn't. More fractional factional action for all, I cry!

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