Sunday, December 09, 2012

Home handy tips from Tim

Today, I learned that, if you can't screw the door for the hen coop to the table, why not nail it instead? You can get them to go in quite a long way with only a few hammer blows, and if they're bigger than the screws you're using, then you really have no excuse

Next, I will attempt to tile the television screen, and stick the fridge to the ceiling with Blu Tac. Home DIY is fun! 


Anonymous said...

I once got in a right old blue funk trying to show to my other half that I was a bonifide DIY good egg sort of chap. When she went to collect daffodils I hastily nailed all the kitchen utensils to the give a rustic and olde worlde charm...I nailed crockery (which alas oft broke)and I nailed pots and pans (it was hard getting a nail through tough steel!). I glued cutlery to various walls and the end I felt chuffed. Pouring myself a well frothed ale my wife returned...what an egregiously grumpy my old lady is. She didn't speak to me for 3 years 234 days 11 hours and 24 minutes.


Tomkins Teddington Tomkinsons HPFP, Member of Royal Dorking Putelers

TimT said...

What a heartwarming yet tragic tale of drama in your domicile! I hope you enjoyed that and many more well-frothed ales, good sir. You deserve them.

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