Thursday, October 21, 2004


Hey! You think it's cool being homophobic? Think again! Homophobia is so passe, man - there are much more up-to-date phobias!

There's monophobia (fear of monogamous relationships) and biphobia (fear of bisexuality)! There's polyphobia (possibly fear of polygamous relationships, or maybe fear of polysexuals, whatever they are)!
And, as EvilPundit pointed out - Phobophobia, "Fear of fear itself" can even be interpreted to mean fear of the heavenly body, Phobos.

Then there's -

Misophobia! (Fear of hatred, or possibly hatred of fear)
Misogophobia! (Fear of hatred of men)
Misandrophobia! (Fear of hatred of women)
Misandrogophobia! (Fear of hatred of androgynous peoples)

And, last but not least:

Misandrogomonopolyphobia! (Which I suppose means fear of hatred of androgynous peoples in monogamous relationships with polysexual peoples).
Get cracking, peoples! There's a whole load of phobias out there just waiting to be discovered - leave suggestions in comments!

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