Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bon wot

Douglas Adams said in Life, the Universe, and Everything that the secret to flying was throwing yourself at the ground and missing it. Well, I've just discovered that the secret to happiness is similar. It's putting some chocolate peppermint biscuits in the fridge, then forgetting to remember them, then finding them in the fridge later and remembering that you had forgotten them. Bliss!

Are you all seated uncomfortably? Good! We won't begin!


Maria said...

I've found that many a happiness came from signing up to lectures and missing 'em.

Choc peppermint bikkies - bliss!

Anonymous said...

Try having a box full of the little suckers in the house - courtesy of Girl Guides fundraisers. Heaven/hell all in the one scrumptious little package.

TimT said...

I really, really, really would like to try that. Oh well. I'll just have to content myself with my bag of chocolate honeycomb...

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