Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Grymnal

All things grey or grimy,
All chunders great and small!
All things snotty, slimy -
The Lord God made them all!

Snails with their slimy trails -
And Tiger Cobras' tongues -
And vicious rats with whip-like tails -
And elephantine dung!

All things mean and horrible,
All mucous great and small:
All things really terrible -
The Lord God made them all!

Flies that get in your tea -
And microscopic germs -
And tiny fleas that spread disease -
And parasitic worms!

All things low and nasty,
All terrors great and small -
All floods and files disasterous -
The Lord God made them all!



Maria said...

And God made the grey and grimy, and the chunders, and the snails, and the elephantine dung.

And he made the mean and horrible, including all politicians, and he made the flies that get in your tea, and he hade microscopic germs, and the low and nasty, and rail transport systems that don't work, and tsunamis, and floods disasterous.

And he made road rage and racist comments and bad boob jobs and Big Brother and interest rates and bank fees.

and then he looked upon the world and said "It is good."

TimT said...

Hey, wait - he made transport systems that don't work? Does that mean God is a private owner of these transport systems, or merely a public bureaucrat responsible for the administration and upkeep of this important national infrastructure?

TimT said...

If he was a public bureaucrat, I'd love to hear conversations between him and the politician responsible for public transport:

POLITICIAN: God, the voters are saying that we don't have enough trains, and those trains we do have don't arrive on time!

GOD: My ways are mysterious.

POLITICIAN: I have been consulting with the Premier, and we demand answers!

GOD: I am what I am.

POLITICIAN: Please, God - throw me a line here!

GOD: Silence, mortal! Or I'll cast thee down into hell!

I guess that's pretty much how bureaucracy works anyway.

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