Wednesday, May 11, 2011

But enough about me, let's talk about my memoirs

Random stuff happening to me in the next month

- I'll be at a zine luncheon at Soul Food cafe on Saturday, 28 May, so if you're in town, pop in and say hi.

- I'm doing some guest blogging on the Baron's Yates gardening blog while she's in Canada. So far, my helpful updates have included information on plants that eat people, and, well, not much else really.

- Will be performing at the HRAFF slam next week. I wish I could tell you what HRAFF stands for but it's gone right out of my head. Something about human rights? And the word festival is in there as well. Anyway. Come along!

- Oh, and hey, out of the blue I got invited to be part of a Continuum convention panel on zines. Ha! As if I know what I'm talking about. Zine-making, like blogging, to me is pretty much make up the rules as you go along. And then forget all about them a moment later.

But enough about me! This blog is all about you! What's happening to you lately? Don't worry, you can share in the comments.... I promise I won't look at them, I'll just read them.

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