Monday, May 09, 2011

Quote this

People talk about how it's important to read a quote in its original context. But what if I just want the quote and not the context? What if the context is crap? What if I can give it a better context? What if the quote works better without the context anyway?

Who wants context anyway? What's so good about context that people always want to hear it? Context is boring. Just give me quotes, all the way, man.


Louise Curtis said...

TimT quoted as saying, "it's important to read a quote in its original context"

Louise Curtis

TimT said...

To that quote I say, 'quite!'

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

"People talk".

A. S. Patric said...

I think people rarely care about context. They just take what they need to make their point. And that's fine as well. Occasionally though, the point other people are making, in the original context of their meaning, is interesting as well.

TimT said...

Fair point, really I just like how quotes can take on a life of their own and grant their beauty and elegance to 1000 different contexts instead of just one.

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