Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A ballyflustercluck for the rolipoligopoly

A clusterfuck is a big, complicated, fuck-up.

A flustercluck is what our chooks do every morning when I give them food.

A filibuster is a long speech to waste time.

A flillybluster is a long speech to waste time by a not very good speaker.

A ballyfluster is a long speech to waste time by a speaker who is, frankly, appalling.

A ballyflustercluck is a long speech to waste time by a chicken.

An oligopoly is rule by rich people.

Oh, and a rolipoligopoly is a rule by lovable fat people, like Chesterton.

I long for the day when we, too, in Australia have a true rolipoligopoly. 

UPDATE! - Here's one definition I don't have a word for: 'wanting to scratch your bum while you are walking up the street but not being able to because you know there is a person right behind you who will see every little detail.' What's the word for that, anyone know? (Wordless definitions, there's another idea for a blog post...)


Anonymous said...

sphinctertight pre-bumscratch tension

Anonymous said...

botrubbery avoidance anxiety disorder (formerly known as arse itch alleviation cathesis)

TimT said...

Helpful comments, but I think I have remembered the words I'm looking for... see above....

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