Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sbring feber

Ah glorious spring aha aha
Ah the roses so red ah the irises blue
Ah the whiffs oh the sniffs er the smells ooh the splutterflies
I mean the blutter… ahahahCHOO!

Ah glorbious sbring aha aha
With ibs habberchiefs blew ab ibs robes reb
Amb ibs AHCHOO amb ibches amb AHCHOO and rashes
Ah fugg ib I wish ib were wimber insteab.


Tim Sterne said...

Hello Mr Tim. I seem to have lost your email address, so I sent you a message on Facebook, but perhaps you didn't see it. Anyway, I'm putting together a Halloween podcast of spooky stories and so on, and I wondered if you might like to contribute. (Old material is welcome!) Anyway, let me know. I've changed email addresses since we last corresponded. You can contact me at metronomictim at gmail dot com.

(Sorry for spamming your comments!)

TimT said...

Hi Tim, no, spam away! I get so lonely... I've replied to your gmail (and I did receive the facebook email, but facebook is playing silly buggers ...) If my email doesn't come through this time, please let me know, er, once you don't receive it...

Email: timhtrain - at -

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