Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Scandal crisis drama hoo ha what not!

As far as I can tell, this whole scandal about Alan Jones seems to involve people who don't listen to his program but don't like it anyway getting so cranky about things Jones didn't say on his program to other people elsewhere that they decide that his program should go off air. That doesn't make sense, but then again purple monkey diswasher. It's funny how so often these days outrage, fulmination, repulsion, coughing and spluttering, and general cantankering about something someone does or says so often seems to precede any actual direct knowledge of what that person actually does or says. But I suppose it makes it so much more convenient for everyone who depends on the ready availability of outrage, fulmination, repulsion, coughing and spluttering, and general cantankering in the continuance of their day to day lives to omit the necessity for any immediate familiarity with the sayings and doings they are talking about.


I was especially piqued by Nicola Roxon's comment on Sky yesterday that she wouldn't rule out appearing on Alan Jones' program in the future in spite of the fact that she thought 2GB should consider taking Jones off air. She mused that this might be seen as punishing Alan Jones listeners. It wouldn't, Ms Roxon, really it wouldn't. Aside from relying on the profusion of outrage, fulmination, etc, politicians do seem to suffer from the delusion that when they appear on air to mutter about the latest legislative such and such and the ongoing political so and so, they are doing it as a special treat for the public.


Amongst all of this scandal crisis drama hoo ha what not I don't think Jones will have lost any sleep. Jones must be well aware of his core demographic by now - people who like to tune into the radio to hear an angry man shouting at things. And I'm pretty sure he'll continue to satisfy this need for an angry man shouting at things for many years to come. So, I suppose, in his own little way Jones is making his unique contribution to the ongoing need for outrage, fulmination, etc. Could it be, perhaps, that the endlessly outraged and Alan Jones - need one another, do you think?

A cranky man shouting at things. Or should that be a shouting man being cranky at things? Link via Bolt via Fairfax via....

UPDATE!  - But, on the other hand, this.


Amanda Anastasi said...

The labor party are clearly milking this incident for their own political ends, and doing everything they can to link Jones' views to those of Tony Abbott. This doesn't bother me, as I can't stand both Alan Jones or Tony Abbott! Although the comments weren't made on air, I think its a case of the final straw for the majority of people who have found him disrespectful and mysogynistic in the past (even though there was nothing particularly mysogynistic about this comment - just an insensitivity of the most idiotic kind). Oh, why can't Paul Keating have his own radio program? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

As a member of SFT society (Solipsists For Themselves)I fulminate, get hot under the collar, contankerise, and vent spleen on the entire population of the planet, apart from my securely subjective vantage point of self, or many selves, or selves that think they are being themself in a selfish context. I dislike Jones, I dislike Abbutt, and I dislike that Roxon woman.

Hitsnurt Grumbles - Member of the SFT society

TimT said...

I fully support getting hot under the collar. Global warming begins at home, and the personal is political, so...

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