Saturday, December 03, 2005

Possible Characters For Novels #2

Lobelia Pintsquip

Lobelia, the daughter of Ramsay Pintsquip (a man in charge of indexing school biology textbooks) and Geraldine Fautherington-Raffles (social butterfly) is a watercolour artist of some note. Her specialty is detailed artistic depictions of the ebola virus. She has painted every stage of this deadly disease, and done a number of award-winning portraits of the disease for international figures of note. Yes, if ever you want a picture of the ebola virus from a number-one artist, then Lobelia is your man - or woman, as the case may be (and don't you dare call her anything else, for Lobelia is also a Liberation feminist, who trained in kung-fu in the Himalayan mountains with Camille Paglia).

She has also worked as a ballet dancer, rose pruner, and King's Assassin.


Shelley said...

Shit, I think I went to school with her.

TimT said...

Oh my God! Does that mean you studied Kung Fu in the Himalayas with Camille Paglia, too?

Shelley said...

Didn't everyone?

TimT said...


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