Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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'The Letter j'? What the fuck's that all about?

It's not an 'i', it's not a 'y', and it's not a 'g', though sometimes it tries to be all three. It is geometrically improbable. It is a long stick balancing on a curvy base - hardly realistic. And then you've got that ball at the top. What the hell? Who gave that ball permission to defy gravity and sit up there? It's like it's saying, 'hey there, suckers, look at me, I'm soooo better than the rest of you.'
I think those people who are in charge of splitting the infinitive and determining the true weight of the epigram should redesign the letter 'j', so that it looks like this:

Yeah. Yeah, that's how things should be.


Anonymous said...

But are you safe from the marauding youths? Has Margo Kingston been moved to an undisclosed location?

TimT said...

The marauding youths have not reached Melbourne yet, as far as I'm aware.

Much more importantly than that, though - Margo has retired!

Shelley said...

Please take our marauding youths before they ruin a perfectly good weekend [again].

Anonymous said...

Margo retired?? Is she going to do a pop CD or something?

Is Tim Blair going to retire now too??

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