Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Seasons Bleatings

Some people like Christmas and some people dislike Christmas. Me, I dislike liking Christmas but I also dislike disliking Christmas. Also, I like Christmas. There's very little logic in this, but then, this is not a logical time of year.

Lord knows there's a lot to complain about during Christmas, including:

Getting presents
Not getting presents
Giving presents
Not giving presents
Santa Claus
Jesus Christ
Santa Claus taking the Jesus Christ out of Christmas
Jesus Christ taking the Santa Claus out of Christmas
Seeing family
Not seeing family
Christmas television
Christmas films
Cecil B. de Mille films
Jimmy Stewart films
Black and white films
Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Ebenezer Scrooge
"A Christmas Carol"
Christmas carols

But then, come to think about it, there's also a lot to like, including:

All of the above

You don't like Christmas? The whole thing is basically a time when people get together, eat food, and get drunk. Sounds good to me. Also, mince pies are tasty. Don't like Christmas? Sucks to you. Merry Christmas, you bastards!


Misha said...

I echo the sentiment - happy holidays, you bastards.

Christmas is really just a big old excuse to drink and eat a lot, and blame someone else for the consequences. Hence, Christmas is fun!

Strong drinks are the key.

Shelley said...

Day 1 of Christmas holiday - spend all day cleaning, have parents arrive, be whisked off to father's favourite pub to be bought many drinks. Day 2 - go to aunt's house, be fed alcohol in quantities that would kill an elephant. Day 3 - rest. Day 4 - go uncle's house repeat all the drinking parts...
Seriously, what's not to like?

Tim said...

I'm inclined to agree. Yeah, the rampant consumerism and Ray Martinism can be overwhelming, and the bogus arguments about grinchy minorities "stealing Christmas" get on my nerves, but at the end of the day it's a good opportunity to drink some beer, eat some food, and stock up on anecdotes about all those weird relatives you only see this time of year. Plus there are presents. Presents are always good.

TimT said...

There's a lot of people who'll grumble about Christmas and presents and all that stuff, then go home and enjoy the day with their family. Bollocks to that.

Heck, some people DO have it bad at Christmas, through no fault of their own - but that doesn't usually stop them celebrating it, either. People whinge too much about these things.

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