Friday, April 22, 2011

The canine life of Bright

The Baron and I are in Bright. Today, I'd say we have encountered roughly 16 dogs. Here are a few of them.

1. Wilbur. Fine, upstanding, and very very hungry beagle. (In fact 'very very hungry beagle' has to be a tautology). As I said yesterday, 'Wilbur's not an omnivore. He's an omnom-nom-nom-nomnivore.'

2. A great fat golden creature, who barked at us this morning, and, with the sun glistening off his coils and ripples, propelled himself towards us seemingly by the force of his barks alone. (It being debatable whether the four bits at the ends of his body were legs, or merely further coils and ripples on his magnificent bulk).

3. A large Alsatian, who poked his head over the fence of a Wandiligong property, regarded us cheerfully for some moments before barking enthusiastically. I attempted to enter into the spirit of the occasion by throwing my arms up in the air, screaming hysterically, and running away. I like to think this gave him pleasure.

4. A white dog with black spots, or possibly a black dog with white patches, who sternly stood on the other side of the road in Wandiligong, regarding us. He eventually ran over to our side to sniff Wilbur's posterior in a foreboding manner, before running back over the road. Following this, he got ready to come over again, and would have done so, too, had not a car zoomed down the road at that moment. Said white-black dog stepped forward and back repeatedly, and ended up turning around and around in rapid circles of utter confusion and frustration.

5. A tiny fox terrier who seemed to be suffering from a hoarse voice, which must have confused him. I mean, how could someone so small eat a horse?


Kate said...

For some reason I just love this post. Yayyyyy, DOGS!

Ann ODyne said...

I hope you photographed that crooked power pole outside the ice-cream shop ... the pole that is painted as The Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

TimT said...

My goodness, you know, though I've been to Bright any number of times now I've never noticed that post. It's good!

Ann ODyne said...

My February stay was my first time there and the Ovens was raging by that wonderful California Hippie cafe where we had the best breakfast.
I now know about the terrible racist Buckland Valley Riots which have clearly been suppressed news.
People from Werribee asked us to take their photo, just as one meets people from Camberwell when cruising along The Rhone or Rhine.

TimT said...

It's a lovely area. I probably should have asked the couple coming up the hill who asked for a photo where they were, they might even have been neighbours.

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