Monday, April 11, 2011


The other night I dreamed a joke. I mean, it had very little narrative, made less sense, and there was no point to the punchline whatsoever, but it was nevertheless a joke.
One day an Ancient Roman looks up and sees that the sun has stopped right in the middle of the sky. It's being blocked by the moon and can't get anywhere.

Oh no!!!, says the Roman. What are we going to do now? The sun is going to stay there all the time now, and we'll all burn!

So he thinks about this problem for a bit, and then says to himself, Aha, I know! We'll send for an Ancient Greek. They always know what to do!

So the Roman sends a message off to Greece, and after many days** it reaches them. A Greek immediately hops on a boat and comes over to Rome. Not a problem, says the Greek, when the Roman tells him the problem. I'll just get out my lever and we'll have things fixed in a jiffy.

So he tries to lever the moon above the sun. No go, he just can't do it. Next, he tries to lever the moon under the sun. Can't do that either. Finally, he manages to lever the moon right into the middle of the sun, which eats it all up, and proceeds across the sky.

At last, cries the Roman! We're saved! Thank you Ancient Greek! How much do we owe you?

Oh, says the Greek. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
See what I mean? Absolutely ludicrous. And it makes no bloody sense whatsoever. That's dreams for you.

And then everything turned into chocolate slice. And then I woke up. The end.

*All important blog posts have titles in caps.

** Though of course these many days only last for one day, because of the predicament outlined above.


M L Jassy said...

This is more than a joke, Timt, this is a MASTERPIECE! Levering the moon into the sun - genius. The irony of that solar lunarphagy. If I laughed, it must have been a joke. Awesome!

TimT said...

Kudos to my subconscious for giving the characters historically appropriate roles. It was particularly good on the Greek with the lever. (Hello, Archimedes...)

broken biro said...

I just know there's a punchline in there somewhere... and I'm going to sit here until my ears bleed trying to think of one! (This could take some time)

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