Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things which I know make no sense but which I still believe

I am worried about viruses with keystroke capture technology finding out passwords, so when I go to a site like blogger or email I type in the passwords really fast.

I have got into the habit of thinking that cars behave like trains or trams. Recent conversations had on the car: "Only one two more stops to go and then we're home!" Or: "And when we get back and park at Lalor Station, it's just another 10 minute walk back home."

Conversely, I also think trains behave like cars, and make up stories about them as they go past: that one's out for a Sunday morning drive, that one looks like it's taken a wrong turn and is a little bit lost, that one could do with some help with its parking.

When I am in a suburb, town, city, or even state that I know other people live in, I expect them any moment to turn up on a random street corner. "Oh look, we're passing Doncaster, we'll probably see Tim soon." "Yay, Montmorency, bet we'll see Laura and Dorian walking by." "Hey, we're in Sydney, I reckon Dale or Shelley will turn up soon."


DS said...

I do the suburb/city/town/street thing as well. I looked for you last time I was Melbourne, thought you might saunter down any street at any moment.

Unknown said...

I always think I'm going to see Dale around. Thought I did once. You never quite know who you'll see in Newtown.

TimT said...

I'm really daggy about locations in general. One of my favourite questions is 'oh, you're from [particular country]. I know someone else from [particular country], do you know them?'

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