Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Coffee sandwiches, gingerbags, and teabread

Last night I reminded the Baron to remind me in the morning to take coffee, sandwiches, gingerbread and teabags to work.

This morning I reminded myself to remind the Baron to remind me to take coffee, sandwiches, gingerbread and teabags to work.

So I did, and so she did, and I have the coffee sandwiches, gingerbags and teabread all ready. But if I hadn't remembered to get her to remember to make me remember, imagine how bad things could have been.

Yes, the coffee sandwiches will be delicious, and no, you can't have any, thanksverymuch.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

For those who are dying to know, this is how this morning's conversation went:

Timty [chirpily]: Have you remembered what you were meant to remind me about this morning?

The Baron: Wha? [Snore, snuffle, snort. A minute passes.] Hm? Oh. Don't forget those things you had to remember.

TimT said...

You forgot the bit in the in-between minute where you told me where the treasure was buried, and that it was worth millions of dollars. Memory is a funny thing!

Hang on, was I supposed to not tell anyone else about that?

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