Sunday, April 03, 2011

Proposals for television shows

This is your death!
After the corpse is dramatically taken from its grave and animated with the spirit of its departed owner, it is confronted in a dramatic fashion with all the people who have made its death possible, and/or been with it during the course of its death. There is the relative who failed to notice its debt problems, the criminal who first fired the gun, the doctor who removed the bullet but failed to stem the flow of blood in time, and the police lieutenant who failed to apprehend the murderer just minutes before they committed the murder. All participants in the show look extremely awkward and anxious about their presence on the show, and the corpse looks suitably pissed off and bitter about the whole affair. (Also, quite possibly, it looks pissed off and bitter about the maggots writhing through its skull). This half-hour program is a sure-fire hit, and will make audiences feel bad about themselves for weeks afterwards!

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