Monday, December 19, 2011

Boldly Badgering on

It's been a bit quiet here on the blog front in the last month. I suppose you could blame lots of things (me, for instance.) My parents and brother visiting (or maybe it was just me). The need to buy presents (actually, no, I pretty much let the Baron handle that one, so you might be able to blame me for two things on that front).

Personally, though, I prefer to blame this blackguard.

Him. Badger. That's the one. He has been hogging the computer*, enveloping the whole house in clouds of smoke from his pipe, while touch typing articles with his paw for our latest issue of Badger's Dozen. It may not be the world's best zine, but it certainly is the world's most-spiffing-smashing-and-really-quite-very-capital-one. (Badger agrees).

And - you know what? - I reckon you just might want a copy. Yes, you there with the face (or snout, or pseudopodae, or whatever it is your species specialises in). It has, amongst other things, the exciting conclusion to Nottlesby's tale of terror on the high seas, and an amazing 13th century Latin map of the Ergonomic Office!

Go on, chaps! At three dollars it's the cheapest most-spiffing-smashing-and-really-quite-very-capital publication around! Hit us up at timhtrain - at - That's my email, and also my paypal address. Badger will mail it out pronto!

*Bet you never thought a Badger could be a hog, did you?


Steve said...

Is there no swearing or other inappropriate content for children, and does it come in a variety of colours?

TimT said...

Well... come to think of it Robert's poem is slightly risque, managing to roll a kiss, drugs, and a Vietnam parody into the one handy package. (It's also very funny.) The rest as far as I can see is completely safe - unless you're worried about the corrupting moral influence of unicorns...

No colours, but there are a variety of back-cover Santas! (G. at the Dan O'Connell kindly agreed to provide a back-cover illustration and a few days later gave me *four* of them. I decided to use them all.) My personal favourite is the Santa in floral pyjamas.

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