Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate!

By clicking on a link found in a search on a wikipedia page that I'd opened for some reason or other for some person or other, I landed upon this rather interesting entry:

Wazoo (candy)
Wazoo (often known as the Wazoo bar) is a candy bar manufactured by Topps incorporated.... The name "Wazoo" was under debate because of the Australian slang word of anus. But the title was considered appropriate since it would only be sold in the U.S.

Well, since Frank Zappa released an album called 'The Grand Wazoo' I had rather assumed that the slang term was American in origin, but whatever.

It made me think of that other chocolate bar. What was it called... pofflewoffle... pollywofter... that's right...

Polly Waffle
Polly Waffle was a 50 gram Australian chocolate bar that was manufactured in Australia by Nestlé. It was a waffle wafer tube filled with marshmallow and coated in compound chocolate.

Now a quick search of Urban Dictionary will tell you that this is not the only use for this elegant, multi-faceted term.

Chocolate! Isn't it amazing what comparisons it brings to mind? I can think of a few other brands with similarly evocative terms that, with a little tweaking, could refer to something quite different...

Violet Grumble

Snickers spatters thighs!

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess the alter ego for Mars Bar is pretty obvious....

TimT said...

Arse Bar. Why don't they change the name to that anyway? Buyers would love it!

TimT said...

It just occurs to me now that if Melbourne had a King or Queen (I mean apart from the Queen we already have) their bottom could come to be known as the Royal Melbourne Wazoo.

Anonymous said...

Karl Popper was talking to a colleague about the problem of subjective understanding in the social sciences.

He said "Some people can't understand how some other people don't like chocolate"

"Who can't understand how some other people don't like chocolate?"

"I can't."


TimT said...

Popper is right! In my formative years I would never have been able to conceive of not liking chocolate - when I got to uni and actually encountered a person who didn't like it, I was really quite surprised.

So much so that they had to explain it to me several times.

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