Thursday, December 29, 2011

Embarrassmental disorder

The other day, I was at an amusing dinner party with my friends A, B and C.
A said: "I caught an elephant in my pyjamas the other day. How it got in there I don't know."
B said: "I often shoot lions with my glasses. My glasses have lasers in them, you see."
C said: "I went mountaneering with my book yesterday. It is a very big book."
I said: "I eat underpants frequently."
I had mistaken their witty exchange of dangling modifiers for a series of true confessions, and had attempted to join in! What an embarrassing mistake!

The following day, we were all walking in the park and another sparkling conversation followed.
A said: "My new French clock loses time frequently, thanks to chocolate."
B said: "I hear that Mars is coming closer to the Earth in its orbit, but then again, I blow my nose frequently."
C said: "My mother is quite fond of cake, so I have taken up juggling."
I said: "I shot JFK. No, really."

I had done it again - not realising that they were merely exchanging delightful non-sequiturs!

How embarrassing!

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Ivan said...

Oh I absolutely love this post. Reminds me of all the times my dad has said these, he will love these. Glad you had an awkward moment there, and JFK? lol

TimT said...

Thanks :)

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