Friday, December 16, 2011

Things in point form

Chicken point - Daisy got clucky. She laid an egg and sat on it and sat on it and sat on it some more. We stole the egg from under her and gave her a golf ball. She rolled the golf ball under herself and sat on it. Griselda laid an egg. Daisy rolled it under herself and sat on it. We took Griselda's egg and gave Daisy a wooden egg. She rolled that under her, too, and kept on sitting on it. What's the fun in a clucky chicken? Now instead of walking everywhere and pooing everywhere, all she does is sit still and make cranky noises at us.

Bridesmaid point - Today we saw Bridesmaids lining up to get icecream. It was impressive. I was impressed. There is something fundamentally right about bridesmaids eating icecream. It is written into the order of the universe, it is just, it is the way, it is ordained. I observed as much to the Baron as we walked on and she pointed out that the Bridesmaids may just have been waiting while the grooms got icecream. I sincerely hope this is not the case; what is the point of a universe in which bridesmaids do not eat icecream sometimes? (Though personally, I think bridesmaids should eat icecream all the time.)

End point - .


Anonymous said...

Bridesmaids eating ice cream is as nature intended. Broody chickens are as nature intended but more annoying. Personally I would remove the egg substitutes or she will sit for weeks and you will have no real eggs!

livebird said...

Best thing for a broody hen - give her a fertilised egg and let her hatch it. Then she has a chick! And by default, YOU have a chick!

Then she'll move on to the incredibly endearing 'I'll teach you how to scratch and peck' phase.

Highly recommended for entertainment value, if nothing else.

(Collingwood Children's Farm can sell you a fertilised egg.)

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