Thursday, December 11, 2008

Everyone talks to themselves, don't they?

Leaping out of the front door of the office at the conclusion of work today - as is my wont - a sentence fell into my head, and I just had to say it:

I am the spazmo monkey!

As soon as I said that, it occured to me that all I had to do was add another sentence to that to create a felicitious combination of words and sounds. So I did:

And I dance like a junkie!

I'm a poet, man.

Disclaimer: I am neither a junkie, nor a monkey, nor am I in the least bit spazmo.

Well, okay. Maybe I'm a little spazmo.


Anonymous said...

Everyone talks to themselves, don't they?

Now that's a question we each have to answer for ourselves.

Shelley said...

I tell people that I'm talking to the evil whip cracking pixies. Only if they ask though.

Anonymous said...

You have reminded me of the book that I want to read, Me Cheeta, the autobiography of Tarzan. Sounds fantastic! Just don't get it out of the library before I do (I see it's on order at mine) or if I find a nice copy on discount somewhere I'm going for it. I would love to find out more about the salacious monkey episodes of Tarzan and Jane and the jungle life of tis famous ape!

TimT said...

Autobiography? Of a chimp? That's awesome. I hope the chimp writes it in high Victorian language, as befits an acquaintance of Lord Greystoke:

"To the best of my recollection, my earliest years were spent in the wilderness of Africa, nourished at the bosom by my dear mother...." & co, & co, & co.

He'd have a lot to discuss with Gorilla Bananas, too!

The Topiary Cow said...

I am the spazmo monkey!
And I dance like a junkie!
At work, I am a flunkie!


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