Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I did on my holidays, by Timothy H Train

Things I did on my holidays, by Timothy Huw Train - #122: Inflated a TARDIS.

This is a pretty simple thing to do, provided you have one of two things: a) a bike pump b) a very big set of lungs. Dad and I opted for the bike pump. The only worry we had about blowing up this TARDIS was that when we blew it up it might, well, blow up. (Of course, we hadn't thought about how to deal with a scalliwag nephew/grandson who thought it a wonderful lark to pull the plug on this TARDIS. Repeatedly.)

Incidentally, on meeting said nephew, I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to find that he didn't know what a TARDIS was. He hasn't even watched one episode of Doctor Who! Nick, what the hell's going on?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you can open the door and get inside it when the world becomes too much. Also, did the dog (most photogenic) try to eat it?

Happy Calendar Year!

TimT said...

I wish. It's hollow - the only things that inflate are those tubes round the top and sides and bottom - but the doors don't open. It's also slightly smaller than a grown Tim.

The dog seemed oddly uninterested in it, thank God.

Anonymous said...

Rip off! I thought the BBC thought of everything- so disillusioning! I had indeed forgotten (or momentarily overlooked, rather) that a grown Tim is very tall. Have you tried it in a swimming pool? Nice dalek too, by the way. I'm not the biggest Dr Who expert in the world, but I am a nerd and it charms me that you have these things and that you enjoy them with family members.

I don't want to even begin to think about what would happen to an inflatable tardis around cats!

Shelley said...

I am also disappointed by the lack of doors. That thing would make an excellent 1 (rather small) person jumping castle.

Steve said...

Is it at least hollow underneath, so you can lower it over a munchkin?

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