Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Important political post!

Time for an Important Political Post, folks. You knew it was coming.

As the crisis in the middle east continues to worsen, it is absolutely vital that President-Elect Obama act decisively, and immediately make a vague and non-commital statement about the situation. Once this vague and non-commital statement has been made, it must be swiftly and surely backed up by a series of ambigous and unclear messages by other world leaders, capable of multiple interpretations by the conflicting parties.

It is only through such a unified and misleading response that the conflicting parties will be reconciled in a state of mutual confusion, and that their levels of violence will be changed from unacceptably high to merely highly unacceptable.

Quite right, ladies and gentlemen. Quite right.


Simon said...

Ha! Nice one, I've stolen it already.

Anonymous said...

How right you were! The statement was made, and it was suitably uncommittal. As of yet there has been no ambiguous backup.

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