Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Out of Zeit, out of Geist

This year, I didn't see some of the must-see films, and as for some of the avoid-at-all-cost films, I didn't avoid them, at some cost. I began to read some books that were unputtdownable, then put them down; and I took up some books that were untakeupabble. With some books, I found that once I started, I could stop. With others, I stopped them even before I started them.

Guess the zeit will have to continue zeiting the old geist without my help, then.


The Topiary Cow said...

Cow's resolution to get books from the Library instead of buying them is working pretty well.

For those books she got because she SHOULD read them (but then doesn't uptake them at all) they can simply be returned without guilt.

For unputtdownable books, she can buy them later, after they have proven their worth.


Anonymous said...

TimT, on my blog you mentioned the author Eva Ibbotson.

I went and got the book, The Secret of Platform 13 by Ms Ibbotson recently and read it this morning.

Thanks for your recommendation - lovely book, good fantasy, well-written and imaginative and a nice children's read. Lotsa fun, a good use of the premise.

Am in line to read more of Ibbotson's efforts!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I had a look on Amazon to read reviews of The Secret of Platform 13. SOme people liked/loved it and some people hated it and some were in between (that's all fine, books polarise people).

What was annoying though was how many reviews insisted on ranting about Harry Potter in it, either in comparisons to or making nearly the whole post about a comparison to Harry, or pointing out that Ibbotson's book was before HP so didn't copy HP, etc.

Puh-leeeaase! It was like a point of honour. (Rather than using it to enhance the review by saying "This is in Rowling-esque style so if you liked HP you will like this too")

Plenty of authors I'm sure use other books as inspiration so if any author does happen to use a book or books to inspire their story ... well who would care anyhow? So long as they have written a good story themselves! (and it isn't outright plagiarism)

On the other hand if they have written it very similarly to someone else's and the other person's is better ... well I would like o know the other person's name and what their book is called!

TimT said...

You read it this morning? When did you *start*, if you finished it at 11.23?

Fair enough I guess, some of the Lemony Snickets I effectively started and finished on the Newcastle to Sydney train trip.

She's a great writer, Ibbotson. Her best is probably 'Witch Witch'.

Anonymous said...

I'll look out for "Which Witch"

I started at 8.25 or something. I got left at the bus stop and waited for a late bus. Then there was that long bus journey.

Tedious public transport and bus delays do have some advantages!

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